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Festivals Methods Worship

Tudigong Festivals Methods Worship

In addition to the daily fixed sacrifices, the land public rituals and celebrations are more familiar with the teeth, the Zhongyuan Pudu, etc. This exhibition shows the ceremonial supplies used in the celebrations, the instruments played by the North and South, and important ceremonies. The three gifts, Taoist beliefs related to industrial items such as incense, robes, and the puppet show and the Taiwanese opera stage provide people's experience and understanding of the folk Xie Shen culture.

The land public is the most common shrine in Taiwan, and the frequency of worship is also the highest. The land of the lunar calendar on February 2 is called the head of the fetus; the average family is on the first and fifteenth of each month, and the number of the industry and commerce is in the second and tenth. The teeth on the 6th day of worship; the tail teeth on December 16; the land public became the Lunar New Year of the Lunar August 15th, all related to the land public interest.
The methods, ceremonies, Taoist instruments, and the music, opera performances, puppet shows, and hordes of the sacrifices are also displayed in the pavilion.

The 302 Exhibition Space are equipped with different styles of styling, such as raw, Dan, net, end, ugly, and miscellaneous. They are regularly replaced to provide visitors with a sense of experience. There is also a costume costume next to the Taiwanese opera stage, which provides the people to try on the drama experience.