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Tudigong Belief in Taoyuan

History of Taoyuan City and Tudigong Belief

The land god comes from the worship of human beings' fear of nature. In ancient China, the country was founded on agriculture. Because climate change will affect the harvest, the ancestors have a natural revered belief in the land that controls the growth of all things.

In the early days of Taiwan, because of the immigration factors of the sea, the Mazu belief of the god of navigation was the main reason. When it entered the plains of the plains of Taiwan, the plague was rampant due to the harsh environmental climate. In order to obtain the harvest and health of the grain, land justice is the most cordial. The patron saint; even after the roots are rooted, the harassment and interests caused by different ethnic groups, in order to protect the safety of life and property, the land public is also one of the gods praying for blessing (such as: Zhangzhou people worship the holy king, Hakka worship the Sanshan King The land public is the god that every ethnic group will worship.); In modern times, because of the kind image of the land and the people's love and the people's pursuit of the prosperity and well-being of the people, the land public beliefs are more prosperous and common, and the land public temples are everywhere. . (Source: Huang Jinshi (Chief Executive of Taoyuan Longgang Community Development Association), Analysis and Characteristics of Land Public Belief Change in Taoyuan City)

This exhibition introduces the origin of land development and the belief of the land gods, and creates a relationship between the reclamation, immigration and religious beliefs. Taoyuan is the county and city with the largest number of land public temples in Taiwan. It displays the distribution of land public temples in various districts of Taoyuan in multimedia, and with the research materials of various districts, Taoyuan Old City Gate and four land public temples, to understand the history and religious beliefs of Taoyuan City. development of.