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    No. 100, Section 1, Sanmin Road, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City
Visit  Information

Visit Information


Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday 09:00-17:00|Closed on Monday|Free ticket visit

Opening Information

▍Underground Parking:Mon.−Sun. 08:00-18:00|No Overnight Parking
▍The closing days of national holidays and long weekend will be announced seperately.
▍In case of natural disasters, incidents, equipment repairs or other force majeure events, the museum may temporarily suspend some or all of its facilities.

Visiting Note

The museum has barrier-free parking and facilities.
The entire area (including outdoor and indoor) is a non-smoking area.
Do not eat or drink after entering the hall, and do not chew betel nuts or chewing gum.
Please observe the order of visits and maintain the quality of the visit.
Do not bring pets into the hall (except for guide dogs on duty).
Do not touch or damage exhibits or facilities.
Do not bring long handle umbrellas into the exhibition area to avoid accidental damage.
Welcome photography, and respect the artist's intellectual property rights and works copyright.